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Sep 14

Sermon Series

In Pursuit of the Promise: Insights for Living from Exodus

Every person’s life has the promise of becoming extraordinary. The same is true for the church. And yet, sometimes we find ourselves aimlessly wandering in the wilderness far from God’s original plan longer than we ever thought possible. This new sermon series looks to the major characters of the Exodus to explore God’s insights for living a life of promise – individually and collectively – and will help us move beyond life’s many challenges to experience the blessing of God’s Promised Land. Come, be a part of the journey on Sunday mornings during worship.

  • June 30 -- Overcoming a Hardened Heart (Pharaoh) – Exodus 1:1 – 14. This sermon deals w/ fear and self-centeredness.
  • July 7 -- Living with Open Arms (The Midwives & Moses’ Mother) – Exodus 1:15 – 2:10. This sermon will challenge us to have radical faith when facing injustice and obstacles in our lives.
  • July 14 – VBS Sunday, “Roar” -  What to do about 8:15 AM service?
  • July 21 -- Learning to Say an Encouraging Word (Aaron) – Exodus 4:10 – 17, 27 – 31. This sermon helps us value persons of faith who serve behind the scenes encouraging others in ministry.
  • July 28 -- Dancing in the Rain (Miriam) – Exodus 15:19 – 21. This sermon helps us to give God praise, even in the midst of a storm. Theatre & Arts Campers at 9:40 & 11:15 AM.
  • August 4 – Guest preacher - Ryan LaRock from Christ Church -- Exodus 32:1- 18, "A Taste of Grace in a Bitter World"
  • August 11 -- I Might as Well Do it Myself! (Jethro & Moses) – Exodus 18:1 – 27. This sermon will help undergird the importance of small groups and shared ministry.
  • August 18 – Retiring Gracefully (Joshua) – Numbers 27:15 – 23. How can we pass the baton of ministry to new generations? Is there a way to retire gracefully? Leslie Oakes will be preaching this day.

 OUR Fall Sermon Series will run from Sunday, August 25 thru Sept. 29 – “Losing Your Marbles”


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