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I Like to Talk

"In repentance and rest is your salvation; in quietness and trust is your strength.” — Isaiah 30:15

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This is an interesting topic. It is NOT something that I am known for. I like to talk, and I like other people to talk to me.

However, growing up on a farm in Midland (just down the road a piece) I would go out by myself after finishing morning chores and head to the woods. There I had a place where I could go and be alone, listening to a little creek and dreaming about going places and doing great things. I did go places (Southeast Asia) and I did do things, I don’t know how great they were!

I met Mary -- one of the smartest things that I had ever done. We had a family with two great boys. They loved to fish and I would take them out fishing. One time I had Ben out on the lake and I was talking about how great it was, how tranquil, how quiet. Then he looked at me and said, "Dad it would be if you could be quiet for a while.” I did say I liked to talk! So you know I have had this issue most of my life.

Fast-forward to present day. In August, I was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. I wasn’t too worried, I knew they could fix it and I knew that I had my church praying for me. After the operation when the surgeon removed part of my tongue, I felt like we would get on with the rest of our lives. Just pick back up. But that wasn’t to be. I was told that I needed to have 30 radiation treatments. These were to be in a tube with a form-fitting mask over my head along with a bite block in my mouth.

Wow! Did I mention I have claustrophobia? So what has this to do with silence and solitude? I go into this contraption not being able to talk and I am by myself. I find that I close my eyes and start praying. Interestingly enough, by about session 5 I was starting to work on my Lenten devotional. I find that more and more I haven’t finished my prayers when they bring me out. It took me three sessions to get my thoughts together for this devotional.

I have found that I have started doing quiet times at night before I go to bed. These times are helping me to become a stronger person in my Christian beliefs. You may not want to take the path that I took, but you may want to consider spending some time in a quiet place. Start out small. Maybe 10 minutes and then see if you don’t need more time.

I did!

Oh Lord, help me to be still and listen, help me to let go of the distractions that are encountered daily and focus on my relationship with you.  In your name I pray.  Amen

About Gordon Haines
I have been a member of STUMC since 1983. I was fortunate to have been on the original Building Committee that built our present church. I have been on almost every committee in the church life and am now serving as the Head Lay Leader.

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Sunday, September 26, 2021

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