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Seeking Solitude in a Noisy World

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. – Psalm 62:1

 Wisconsin Sunset – Picture by Matthew and Sarah HammackOn the web page “The Spiritual Disciplines: Solitude and Silence,” the authors posit that these disciplines are “…the most intriguing and compelling of the spiritual disciplines, and yet also seem the hardest to come by in our crowded, noisy, modern world.”  They continue, that while silence might make it easier to achieve and maintain a state of solitude, it is not absolutely required.  The authors argue that solitude can be achieved any time our mental focus enables us to disengage from others and when we ourselves are silent.  I’m not sure how good I’d be at achieving solitude in a noisy environment, but it reminded me of the following anecdote.

Years ago, I attended a museum event and there was an exhibit called “The Singing and the Silence: Birds in Contemporary Art.”  While admiring the artwork, I thought to myself that “The Singing and the Silence” would also make a great song title.  As I am not a songwriter, I passed my observation on to my daughter who loves to write songs.  About a year later, she sent me the following lyrics.

Singing & Silence
Though the storms are stretching on
And the horizon seems further every day
I will raise my head and not forget
The promise that was made

Like a lantern in the dark
Shining through a broken heart
When this life is done there is still one
Hope that cannot fade

- refrain -
So in the singing, in the silence
I will not be overwhelmed
Through the chaos and the quiet
In this refuge I will dwell

In the choice we make, the risks we take
It's certain that our hearts will break
But I'd rather live than hide from this
Numb in my escape

- refrain -
In the noise I will listen
For words unspoken
In the quiet I will wait
Like an anchor in the waves
I will not be dismayed

- refrain -

© 2016 Rorie

Father, strengthen me to seek solitude with you and patiently wait to hear what you might say, no matter if I am surrounded by noise or silence.

About Dave Rea
Dave and Kathy started worshiping at St Thomas at the Westmoreland campus prior to the merger with Manassas UMC.  We feel very Blessed to have raised our children in the STUMC community.  Dave likes serving where he can keep his hands busy.

The Sound of Silence
Don't Run from Silence


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