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Sep 14

Current Sermon Series

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, insisted that the Christian faith was more than just a set of beliefs or a feeling. Faith changes our lives and results in faithful action in the world. This series will look at John Wesley’s General Rules in connection with a book, Three Simple Rules: A Wesleyan Way of Living by Rueben P. Job, to show how our faith can come to life in all that we say and do.


7/3/2022             Genuine Faith | James 2:14-26

Communion Sunday | Independence Day Weekend

Genuine faith not only affects personal existence, but also produces a change in the world.


7/10/2022          Do No Harm | Romans 13:8-10 & Matthew 18:6-9

When our words and actions are guarded by this first simple rule, our life brings healing and goodness to all it touches.


7/17/2022          Do Good | Galatians 6:1-10

Doing good is not limited to those like me or those who like me. It is directed at everyone.


7/24/2022          Stay in Love with God | John 15:1-11

Bible Presentation to Tweens

Being in love with God isn’t about getting what we want; it’s all about relationship.


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