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While this year's election cycle can't be over soon enough for most people, we’re taking the subject of politics head on this October with our new sermon series, “God, Politics, and the Church.”

We recognize that election years tend to polarize Christians as they try to reconcile their voting with their faith. So, how does our faith relate to politics? Was Jesus political? Should Christians be political? Would Jesus be a Democrat, Republican or Independent? These are among the questions that Pastor Abi and Pastor Arum will reflect on this month as we discover that the Bible guides us in how to live out our faith in the public sphere – even with people we disagree with politically!

Here are the Sermon Titles & Texts for the Series:

  • Oct 4 Who Comes First?  God or Your Political Party?   (Romans 13:1 –7)
  • Oct 11 Leader or Servant?  (Hebrews 13:1-8, 15—17 | Mt. 20:25 –28)
  • Oct 18 The Role of the Church (1 Timothy 2:1—8)
  • Oct 25 De-Voted Christians (1 Peter 2:4—17 |M. 6:24)

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