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Sep 14

Sermon Series

This sermon series will explore Abraham and his family and even though they lived a really, long time ago – we’re going to discover that their stories are our stories!  There are truths that we can uncover about God’s desire for our lives from them.  We will find ourselves saying “THIS IS US” about Abraham’s family just like many of us do about the very popular TV series with the same name.   For five weeks, we’ll move back and forth between the stories of Abraham’s family and Jack Pearson’s family and hopefully our own families to discover what God might be saying to us in this time of social distancing and quarantining in our homes with our families. 

  • April 19 – Week 1, Abraham’s Call, Genesis 12:1 - 9
  • April 26 – Week 2, Sarah’s Story, Genesis 12:10 - 20
  • May 3 – Week 3, Lot’s Ambition, Genesis 13: 1- 18
  • May 10 – Week 4, Hagar & Ishmael’s Pain, Genesis 16:1 – 15 & Genesis 21:8 – 20
  • May 17 -- Week 5, Abraham & Isaac’s Test, Genesis 22:1 – 23

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